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Eyebrow Microblading Adelaide

The total appointment time for any permanent makeup procedure is usually around two hours from start to finish. A complimentary touch-up is included in the price of all ‘new’ procedures and is scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment.

This second stage of the process is necessary for adjusting any finishing touches required and to ensure the cosmetic tattoo colour result is uniform in appearance.
Pigments will generally fade over time as the skin naturally exfoliates. The duration, however, can vary widely from one individual to another. Factors that influence the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo include skin type, sun exposure, colour used and lifestyle factors.

Maintenance treatments are required periodically to ensure your results remain fresh and beautiful.
Immediately following the procedure you will be given aftercare instructions and products to use during the healing phase.

Initially there will be some slight swelling and the colour will appear much darker than the finished result. The excess colour will exfoliate in tiny flakes or ‘lift’ away from the skin in 3-5 days depending on the area treated. The final ‘true’ colour will take approximately 4 weeks to see once the skin has fully healed.

We’ve put together a guide so you know what to do and expect during the first month with your new brows.

First 24 Hours

Let’s get something straight! In the first twenty-four hours after your microblading appointment, it’s important to adopt healthy habits to minimize the risk of infection and kick-start the healing process. First off, avoid touching or covering your eyebrows. In addition, we recommend taking a break from the gym (excessive sweating), changing your pillowcase, and wetting them. Remember, babes, this is an open wound and should be treated as such.

3 Days Post Appointment

The next two to four days you may begin to notice the pigment in your eyebrows darkening. Don’t panic! This is totally normal and as time goes on the pigment will lessen. Continue to apply the aftercare cream that your therapist provided and keep the area clean.

1 Week Post Appointment

Within the first week, scabs will begin to form over on the microbladed areas. Not everyone experiences this during the healing period, but for those that do, stay calm. This is a normal part of the healing process, and once the scabs peel away you’ll be left with beautiful brows. Just remember not to scratch although it's so tempting when they're itchy!

2 Weeks Post Appointment

It’s time to show off your fabulous eyebrows to all of your gal pals! At two weeks post microblading appointment, you should be near the end of the microblading healing process! In addition, you will be able to wear makeup again and gently wash them. Go ahead and rock your go-to glam look, but be wary of the area around your eyebrows.

3 Weeks Post Appointment

Patchy eyebrows? Don’t worry, babe. At this stage of the healing process it is normal for some strokes to look faded or gone altogether. Everyone heals differently and this is to be expected. Any especially concerning areas can be retouched by your artist. Until then, if your eyebrows have healed, feel free to touch up your eyebrows with your makeup of choice.

1 Month Post Appointment

It’s time to get a touchup! One month after your original appointment, your eyebrows will have completed the healing process. A touch up is performed to fill in any faded areas and return your eyebrows back to their previously snatched glory. Once you’ve received your touch up, the microblading healing process begins again!

Keep in mind, this is not a hard date. You should consult with your artist to determine whether your eyebrows are ready for their first touch up or need a few more weeks to heal.

With patience, and the proper care you can make this effortless makeup last longer. The healing process is tedious and long, but the results are absolutely worth it. Enjoy your new brows!

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