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Lip Blush by Alexia in Adelaide
Beauty Spot Cosmetic Tattoo


Eyeliner Tattoo is a great semi-permanent way to define your eyes. This service can be customised from a simple mini lash enhancement to a bespoke winged eyeliner style creating the forever beautiful smudge-proof, waterproof, long-lasting tattoo eyelid liner.  Our consultations will guide you on which eyeliner Tattoo style best accentuates the colour and shape of your eyes and elevates your daily routine without the fuss.


For those who suffer from poor eyesight to shaky hands , this can be challenging to apply your eyeliner. Our experts will design the perfect style to suit your style and eye shape.  Eyeliner tattoos provide great benefits to many people who have allergies or trouble applying conventional cosmetics and offer an easy, get-up-and-go alternative to the usual morning makeup routine.

Choose from a variety of colours to create a soft look or deeper more intense shades for a more dramatic impact.

Book Your Consultation with our expert to discuss your options and which tattoo procedure to determine the ideal placement option for your individual features.  

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