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Dark Lip Neutralisation Stages

Dark Lip Neutralisation


Lip neutralisation is a specialised treatment for those with dark-pigmented lips. It is a delicate procedure often performed on clients with darker skin tones or various ethnic backgrounds.

It involves tattooing neutralising pigments into the lip area to lighten darker tones and enhance the natural lip colour, shape, and symmetry. This highly skilled treatment should be performed by highly skilled and experienced artist who has deep understanding of colour theory in order to create a safe rather than traumatising the lip tissue in order to ensure natural-looking results.


As with any cosmetic tattoo procedure, lip neutralisation may not be right for everyone. Certain skin conditions and medications may make it difficult for colour to take so you should consult with us and don’t be afraid to ask questions before booking an appointment.

Aftercare is important but relatively simple. You can help to keep swelling down with ice, applying soothing antiseptic creams for relief and should avoid excess sun exposure for several weeks after the procedure. The skin on your lips will scab over for about a week as the lips heal but don’t pick at the scabs or you could cause scarring or uneven tone.

Don’t be worried if the colour initially is much brighter than you expected, this is normal and will settle to a natural tone as your lips heal.  It may take as much as 6 weeks before you see the full results of your neutralisation, so be patient - the results will be worth it!


Lip neutralisation has many benefits for those who decide to take the plunge. Most obviously, it creates lighter, pinker-looking lips, meaning your confidence and self-esteem can be dramatically increased. The treatment can create fuller-looking lips without the use of injectables or surgery, enhance lip symmetry and correct scarring. 



Explore Alexia's before and after gallery showcasing the stunning enhancements achieved through lip neutralising treatments. These transformations will show you what dark lip neutralisation can do for your lips.

Dark Lip Neutralisationin Adelaide
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  • What does the treatment involve?
    During the initial consultation, your practitioner will assess the area/s of concern and recommend the appropriate treatment program for you. Viora Reaction cutting edge core technology applies an advanced combination of radiofrequency and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective facial and body tightening treatment on the market. What’s so fantastic about Skin Tightening with the Reaction System is that it allows for penetration depth control with the added benefit of treating all layers of the skin in one treatment session. For the client this means a more effective treatment through textural improvement, collagen stimulation and skin tightening all in a single treatment.
  • What makes the Reaction system so popular?
    Backed by the support of doctors and clinical researchers worldwide, the Reaction system features a patented, premier technology known as CORE™ (Channelling Optimized RF Energy), offering 3 distinct RF frequencies as well as an innovative 4th dimension – multi-channel mode – that simultaneously incorporates all three frequencies for a full scope treatment. The system also combines vacuum therapy which maximises the penetration of radiofrequency energy in the treatment area, increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume.
  • How many skin tightening treatment sessions will I need?
    A treatment course of 6-8 sessions is recommended for optimal results, however response to treatment varies from person to person. Your practitioner will be able to establish a proper treatment guideline that suits your profile.
  • What does the skin tightening treatment feel like?
    During the treatment, you will experience dual sensations of hot and cold temperatures on the surface of your skin. The integrated skin cooling mechanism ensures that the temperature of your skin is maintained throughout the treatment duration.
  • How effective are the treatments?
    Skin tightening treatment has been very successful in improving laxity (loose skin) and softening fine lines and wrinkles. The cellulite and body contouring treatments have also generated exceptional results, as early as the first treatment. Clients have recorded a firmer and smoother appearance post treatment, with visible results.
  • Is there any recovery time?
    There is absolutely no downtime. Clients can return to their daily routine immediately after the session. Your skin may appear flushed for a few hours. Make-up can be worn after treatment.
  • Is the treatment safe?
    Viora Reaction skin tightening is FDA approved and clinically proven treatment.
  • Is there an alternative treatment?
    If you are interested in skin tightening treatments for loose skin on the face, chin, jowels and neck areas we also recommend one of our newest and most advanced treatments for lifting the skin called HIFU. For more information please visit HIFU tab.

Cost $50

Dark Lip Neutralistion Process
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