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Professional Spray Tan in Adelaide - Tuscan Tan Model With Sunglasses

When it comes to spray tans, it’s all about the colour.  Since no two individuals are exactly the same, salons can spend hours trying to determine the perfect colour to match each client’s skin tone. That can open up room for the most undesirable shade of orange. 

As a matter of fact, the majority of most spray tan sessions is spent trying to determine which is the right shade and even then the results can still be a gamble. When you consider how much you pay for a standard session, that may be a gamble that you aren’t willing to take and with good reason.

Now Tuscan Tan has eliminated the headache of choosing the right shade with its world-exclusive MultiBase Solution. MultiBase is designed to adapt to any skin type and undertone with 100% accuracy, allowing us to achieve the perfect result every time. Tuscan Tan eliminates the orange undertones commonly associated with fake tans so you end up with a natural, even look.


With Tuscan Tan spray tans, you can also achieve any level of tan that you’d like, from lightly sun-kissed to the darkest of tans thanks to the variable development built-in to the MultiBase Solution. Just leave it on as long as needed to achieve the colour depth you’re after. For a lighter tan, rinse after as little as an hour, for darker shades leave on for two or three hours before rinsing…it’s that simple!

In addition to exclusive and amazing colour, Tuscan Tan spray tans or self-applied tans also offer unparalleled performance with guaranteed long-lasting effects. Each sunless tan lasts seven or more days before gradually and evenly fading to mimic the look of an all-natural sun tan.  


It’s important to remember that, as with any sunless tan, there is no SPF protection in Tuscan Tan spray tans so you’ll still need to use sunblock when you go out in the sun. Otherwise, this is a safe and easy way to tan without the risk of developing skin cancer.

Our Tuscan Tan spray tans are even safe for pregnant women, provided precautions are taken against inhaling the fumes. If you have any questions about safety, though, you should consult your doctor and talk to one of our technicians before you book your appointment.

With a unique, one-size-fits-all approach, Tuscan Tan can help you achieve the perfect natural looking tan you want! EVERY TIME!

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