china doll facial peel

A carbon peel is a revolutionary laser treatment that is completely painless with minimal-to-zero downtime. It is highly beneficial for people with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, and acne on the face or body. It is also an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin, providing an instant refreshed appearance and leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer.


 A layer of liquid carbon cream is applied to the skin, where it penetrates deep into the pores. Laser light is highly attracted to the carbon particles. When the laser is passed over the area, it destroys the carbon, taking dead skin cells, contaminants and oil with it.



The China Doll Rejuvenation treatment, also known as ‘Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation’ or ‘China Doll Peel’ is very popular in Asia, and has been the treatment of choice by Asian celebrities.

The results you can expect

An immediate clean and clearer complexion can be achieved after just one treatment and you can expect to see subtle, yet cumulative results with skin imperfections after each treatment.

We recommend a package of at least 6-10 weekly treatments to produce realistic improvement in all of the conditions it treats.

Carbon laser rejuvenation  is now one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments and is a breakthrough in the beauty industry. As with all skin treatments, we highly recommend that you combine the China Doll Laser Facial with your prescribed take home skincare products for a supplemented Facial Rejuvenation experience with absolutely NO social downtime.

$250 | 45 mins

How does it work?

Before performing the laser treatment, a layer of carbon lotion is applied on the entire face. A carbon lotion is applied to the skin and allowed to dry over a period of 15 minutes. Then, the laser is used to heat and cause an implosion of the carbon particles the laser light is absorbed by the carbon paste focusing the laser energy on the epidermis. As the laser moves across the skin, the smoke from explosion of carbon particles is gently vacuumed up, exfoliating the skin and removing any debris in the pores. The treatment minimises pore sizes and the thermal effect of the laser beam stimulates collagen renewal. The heat produced also destroys P-acne which causes pimples, thus achieving acne control.


Does the treatment hurt?

No, the treatment is non-invasive and gentle, most people describe the sensation as a light tingling feeling. 


How many treatments will I need?

You will notice improvement in your skin condition with every treatment. For more permanent lasting results, a minimum course of 6-10 visits every 1-2 weeks is recommended. As the Carbon Laser Peel treatment gives significant improvement to one’s skin tone and texture, some customers choose to undergo regular treatments to maintain a good complexion, and before a major social event or nights out.


This treatment provides several benefits;



Carbon has the ability to absorb oil and contaminants from deep within the pores. When the laser is passed over the treatment area it targets and destroys the carbon particles, taking any absorbed material with it.



As the carbon is targeted by the laser, it blasts away dead skin cells, blackheads and effectively exfoliates the skin. The result is softer, radiant skin with reduced pore size and a more even skin tone.



Carbon peels also target the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production, which in turn produces firmer, plumper skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling tighter and glowing.


Acne and Oil Destroying:

The heat produced by carbon peels has 2 additional benefits. It reduces the P.Acnes bacteria responsible for acne, allowing for better management of pimples and outbreaks, and it also shrinks sebaceous glands (oil producing glands), resulting in less oil production, and therefore reducing congestion building up in the pores. Treatments can be performed on any part of the body, including the back and chest.