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Eyelash Extensions (Party Lashes)

If you are tired of looking for the perfect mascara, have an event coming

up or simply want to wakeup with fuller longer lashes, then you want to consider Party Eyelash Extensions as another means of enhancing your eyes.

  • Those with short and sparce, straight, or even light and almost invisible eyelashes may particularly enjoy getting eyelash extensions. 

  • If you have downturned eyes and want to open them up to keep them from looking tired or older than your years, eyelash extensions are an option to consider before the potentially more dangerous process of eyelash perming. 

  • With extensions, you no longer have to fuss with false eyelashes as part of a time consuming beauty regime every time you want to look your best.  You don't have to constantly check in the mirror either for possible mascara smudges under your eyes.  Along the same lines, you can cry without worrying that your eye makeup is leaving unattractive black streaks on your face.​

The first time you get eyelash extensions may very well be the soonest you come back for a touch-up.  Once you get used to your lashes you will get better at looking after them over time to keep them on longer between touch-up appointments.   It's a matter of adapting to a new beauty regime.



Q: How long do they last before I need touch-up/refills?

A: Schedule a touch-up/refill every 2 weeks.

Q: If I decide it's not for me, can I have the extensions removed?

A: Absolutely! You can book in to have them removed or at least allow about a month or slightly longer for them to fall out naturally.  It is not recommended pulling on the extensions in the case of a few still left on.


Party Eyelash Extensions are not applied on individual natural lashes as other types of eyelash extensions. They are applied to fill your lash line.  

Eyelash Extensions in Adelaide - Application to Eye
Party Lashes in Adelaide - Before and After

  FULL SET - $75
  Refills/Removals - $45

Eyelash extensions in Adelaide - After Care and Advice

WARNING:  Do not attempt to take eyelash extensions off at home or without the help of an experienced technician. 

Attempting to remove eyelash extensions yourself may pull out your natural lashes and cause injury to the eye area, including loss of vision.  If you want your extensions removed, book in for an appointment to have them professionally removed.  

A special solution that moisturizes the lashes will break down the bonds  and the removal process is gentle and does not require pulling on the lashes in any way.

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