Frequently asked questions

What does the treatment involve?

During the initial consultation, your practitioner will assess the area/s of concern and recommend the appropriate treatment program for you. Viora Reaction cutting edge core technology applies an advanced combination of radiofrequency and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective facial and body tightening treatment on the market. What’s so fantastic about Skin Tightening with the Reaction System is that it allows for penetration depth control with the added benefit of treating all layers of the skin in one treatment session. For the client this means a more effective treatment through textural improvement, collagen stimulation and skin tightening all in a single treatment.

What makes the Reaction system so popular?

Backed by the support of doctors and clinical researchers worldwide, the Reaction system features a patented, premier technology known as CORE™ (Channelling Optimized RF Energy), offering 3 distinct RF frequencies as well as an innovative 4th dimension – multi-channel mode – that simultaneously incorporates all three frequencies for a full scope treatment. The system also combines vacuum therapy which maximises the penetration of radiofrequency energy in the treatment area, increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume.

How many skin tightening treatment sessions will I need?

A treatment course of 6-8 sessions is recommended for optimal results, however response to treatment varies from person to person. Your practitioner will be able to establish a proper treatment guideline that suits your profile.

What does the skin tightening treatment feel like?

During the treatment, you will experience dual sensations of hot and cold temperatures on the surface of your skin. The integrated skin cooling mechanism ensures that the temperature of your skin is maintained throughout the treatment duration.

How effective are the treatments?

Skin tightening treatment has been very successful in improving laxity (loose skin) and softening fine lines and wrinkles. The cellulite and body contouring treatments have also generated exceptional results, as early as the first treatment. Clients have recorded a firmer and smoother appearance post treatment, with visible results.

Is there any recovery time?

There is absolutely no downtime. Clients can return to their daily routine immediately after the session. Your skin may appear flushed for a few hours. Make-up can be worn after treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

Viora Reaction skin tightening is FDA approved and clinically proven treatment.

Is there an alternative treatment?

If you are interested in skin tightening treatments for loose skin on the face, chin, jowels and neck areas we also recommend one of our newest and most advanced treatments for lifting the skin called HIFU. For more information please visit HIFU tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a revolutionary way to enhance your brows. It is done with a hand tool and a microblade is attached to the end of the tool. It is then dipped into ink and etched onto your skin in the shape of an eyebrow hair.

Is Microblading permanent?

Microblading is considered semi-permanent. It can last 6-18 months. This time frame varies based on the client’s skin type and how they care for their brows after the procedure.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing for me?

Anyone who has the desire to fill-in their brows or enhance their natural features would benefit from cosmetic tattooing. Someone who might be looking for a different brow shape, color or size would also be a good candidate. Cosmetic Tattoo adds extra definition to your features for example, microblading adds additional "tattooed" hairs to your existing hairs so if you are missing any part of your brow, Microblading can help give you a more complete look.

Is Microblading/Cosmetic Tattooing painful?

Most clients, including myself, would say that the discomfort is minimal and more of an annoyance than pain and compare the pain to a wax or tweezing. Prior and during the procedure, your skin will be numbed with a topical lidocaine cream. Pain thresholds differ from person to person; however, every effort is made to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Why are two visits required?

For most clients, a minimum of two treatments are usually needed, at least 4-8 weeks apart. Microblading is a 2-step process… Your Initial sessioon is used to map the shape and build the foundation of your brows/lips/eyeliner, and create symmetry and balance. Your followup visit is to add more substance to the initial work. We do this by adding more hair strokes or layering colour, blending or filling in any gaps that did not take as well. It is important that you attend your second appointment even if you feel you don't need it as you will end up fading much sooner if the initial work is not reinforced. DISCLAIMER: Please note that final results can not be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. We will evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your touch-up appointment and make any further recommendations.

Do you shave the brows before microblading?

Absolutely not! Microblading simply adds on to the already existing hairs in your natural eyebrows.

What will effect my new tattoo?

Sun exposure, the regeneration of skin cells over time, skin type, the choice of colour, AHA's and Glycolic skincare and bleeding during the procedure will affect the final result of your treatment. When the skin bleeds more during the procedure, pigment is pushed out of the skin, therefore retention is poor. To avoid this make sure you avoid alcohol 48 hours prior to treatment, and if you are on blood thinners to let us know prior to treatment. Long term, your new brow tattoo will fade and shrink over time, therefore 6-12 months touch ups are advised to keep your tattoo looking sharp and on point!

What Eyebrow style is best for me?

Although this can be a personal preference, we take into account your individuality and other factors such as skin type to recommend the best style customised for you!