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Non Laser Tattoo Removal in Adelaide - Saline Treatment on Eyebrows

Removing cosmetic tattoos is not as easy as regular ink tattoos. Sometimes the tattoo cannot be completely removed, but only faded. This is because the types of pigments used – iron oxide or organic pigments – are very, very small particles, whereas regular tattoo inks are bigger.


The point of makeup tattooing is not for it to last forever, but for it to last a while. Your ageing face will need different things to get the best out of it, for example, tattooed-on eyebrows will end up saggy, but you can get an instant brow-lift by getting a new eyebrow line tattooed on – once the old one has faded away.   But, life isn’t always this simple. If you find yourself wishing your makeup tattoo went away, due to a botch job or a change of heart, we have some options for you to consider.


There is another option other than laser!

If you can possibly avoid having to go through the removal procedure, this is preferable and sometimes possible. For example, if your eyebrows can grow over the old tattoo lines, do that. Then, we can see what areas of the brow line need to be removed, as it may be far less than the full brow. It may also mean you can get an extra tattoo to fill in the gaps, instead of getting it removed. Being flexible is important – there are many ways to have beautiful eyebrows.


Another alternative option is to add more modification to the shape or the colour of the tattooed eyebrow. Especially if hair is sparse and can’t or wont grow back, adding more pigments and altering the shape with additional tattooing can fool the eye and bring a more satisfying result.  A fading tattoo may look dull and unappealing, but with a bit more density to the colour, can come back to life. Colour correcting also works well, to fool the eye.


Lip, eyebrow and eyeliner can also be lightened or removed. Laser on these types of tattoos is much more difficult than regular tattoos, due to the sorts of ink used.  Lasers only work on certain colours, and the result of lasers on cosmetic tattoos can be that the tattoo discolours and goes grey – not gone. Sometimes, however, lasers can remove these tattoos without a problem, but you’ll need to have a test patch first to see if your particular tattoo will respond well or not. 


The non-laser tattoo removal method is a saline solution which draws the pigment out of the skin, then lightened when the scab forms, which then falls off. Removing a cosmetic tattoo is a process so it requires patience, time, and money.


Recovery And Aftercare 

Recovery and aftercare in many respects is similar to that of permanent makeup application. It is important to keep the removal areas clean and dry until scabbing and shedding occur naturally. This process will probably take approximately 10 days for each session to recover properly. Be sure to follow your aftercare instructions carefully to help minimize the risk of adverse effects.   Be sure to stay out of the direct sunlight and don’t use tanning beds. Don’t damage or scratch the skin, this could cause infection and scarring. The more you can leave the skin to heal on its own, the better.


Got a cosmetic tattoo you want removed?


(15 mins)

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