Enzyme peel

Enzyme Peels digest dead build up of skin cells without harming living healthy cells. This method of exfoliation does not strip the skin and leaves the skin’s pH level balanced. Our fruit Enzyme Peels are suitable for all skin types and results are immediately visible. Pores are tighter, more refined. Skin looks smoother, clearer and more radiant. There are 6 Enzymes to choose from to suit your skin condition. 

The treatment consists of;

1) Cleanse and exfoliate

2) Apply enzyme to full face

3) Tone, Moisture with mini massage

Enzyme Peel Treatment Plan

For maximum benefits we recommend take home skincare products specific for your skin type to maintain nourishment and ongoing health of your skin


  • There is no real risk or downside to this peeling, it can be used for the most sensitive of skin types with no adverse reactions.

  • Avoid Sun exposure after the treatment.

  • No washing, no makeup for 24-48 hrs after treatment preferably to maximise nutrient absorption


Active ingredients

A combination of the Alph-Hydroxy acids, Lactic Acid, L-Tartaric Acid, L-Mandelic

Acid - all work together to renew your skin's appearance.

Packed with natural Vitamin A-C to stimulate immunity & collagen synthesis, beta carotene, B1, B6 & potassium.

Add Collagen Mask $20


contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and COQ10