Clinic Etiquette
Clinic Etiquette

Clinic Etiquette




Please schedule appointments in advance to ensure availability.



A confirmation email will be sent out to all clients upon making an appointment.  We kindly ask that you read and respond to the email accordingly to ensure you are aware of all the information provided regarding your appointment, deposit and your eligibility for treatment. As a courteous reminder you will also receive an email, text or phone call 24 hrs prior to your appointment. Please assist us by responding accordingly.

Deposits & Cancellations


To view our Booking & Deposit Policy please Click here


Arrival Time


Please ensure that you arrive on time to your scheduled appointment time.  Late arrivals will risk their appointment time being reduced and consequently cancelled as there may not be enough time to complete your treatment. Cancelled appointments will include loss of deposit.




For the safety of your child and comfort of all our clients it is not appropriate for children to be present inside the clinic. We appreciate your understanding. 


Bringing others to your Appointment

If you are going to bring someone along to your appointment, please limit to one person as our treatment room is small.  We appreciate your understanding.



Mobile Phones


Please remember to switch off your mobile phone or switch to silent for the duration of your visit as a consideration of respect to other clients.