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How To Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look their best when they walk down the aisle on their wedding day. The last thing you need is to worry about whether your skin is at it’s best for the day and so for lasting wedding photos. Start planning as soon as possible to ensure that you are feeling and looking your best for your special day.

According to Health Direct, skin changes as we age. The most notable differences are decrease in collagen and elastin fibres and more noticeable lines and wrinkles. Excessive sun exposure can accelerate these effects as well as visible signs of sun spots and pigmentation. What about the odd blemish or two that suddenly appears just in that last week leading up an important event.

Begin scheduling your facials and treatments and stay consistent with a prescribed skincare routine. Here are some awesome tips to get beautiful, healthy skin for your wedding day:

1. Visit Your Skin Therapist

Visit your skincare clinic in the months leading up to your wedding if you have any specific concerns. The sooner you address these skin issues, the better chances of a more glowing skin on your wedding day.

2. Start A Skincare Routine

Set up a daytime and nighttime skincare routine at least six to twelve months beforehand. Stay consistent in addition to drinking lots of water. Also, put on your broad-spectrum sunscreen each time you venture outside during the day to protect your skin from UV radiation.

3. Schedule A Monthly Facial Appointment

Plan facials once a month to prep and revitalise your skin. Facials are deeply cleansing and hydrating and maintain the appearance of healthy skin. Our treatments are bespoke and tailored to your concerns and skin needs.

4 Exfoliate

Regular skin exfoliation is crucial due to the ongoing accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells. Usually, this is to blame for the dehydrated and dull appearance. Did you know that the skin sheds dead skin every 25-28 days?

5. Use Non-Comedogenic Mineral Makeup

Non-comedogenic products are those that are non-irritating and don't cause acne. Look for wedding makeup packages with oil-free and non-comedogenic products if you're particularly worried about breakouts and oiliness.

6. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Your body repairs itself while you're sleeping and so does your skin. Aside from promoting skin regeneration, getting enough sleep will help energise your brain and keep you alert all day. Puffy eyes and dark circles are signs of sleep deprivation; use our Cupron Eye Masks to minimise wrinkles and enhance sleep.

Healthy relationships enhance physical and emotional well-being. “The brain and body overflow with oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin when in love, reducing stress. All of that improves the shine of your skin and provides free anti-aging therapy,” says dating expert Greyson Piper of Pickup Line—Australia’s top-rated relationship specialist.

Achieve Your Skin & Beauty Goals With Alexia Makeup Hair Beauty

Your skin's health depends on maintaining proper hydration, but ultimately, relax and smile on your wedding day. It’s a day of celebration!

Alexia Makeup Hair & Beauty specialised in cosmetic tattooing, skin therapies and advanced anti-aging procedures. With over 20 years of experience, we help women achieve their beauty goals.

Contact us at for more information, and get to know Adelaide’s premier destination for skin and beauty services.

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