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Membership FAQ

Q1. How much is the sign up fee and what is it for?


The sign-up fee is only $25. This covers your initial consultation and admin costs.


Q2: How much is the fortnightly repayments and when will this get taken out?


Fortnightly repayments are $98 plus a $1.35 + 1.87% transaction fee. The first payment under your Direct Debit arrangement will occur on your joining date. Any payments due on a non-business day will be debited from your account on the next business day following the scheduled payment date.


Q3: Is it true that my friends and family can use my Membership if I am away?


Yes. You just need to let us know that they will be redeeming your treatment. This will only cost them $49 on the day.


Q4: Can I upgrade my monthly treatment from a China Doll Facial Peel?


Yes. For only $25 on the day, you can upgrade to a Medical Skin Peel instead of the China Doll Facial Peel.


Q5: How can I sign up?


Simply visit the Skin Membership section on the JOIN NOW link to book your consultation to sign up. You will be able to complete your paperwork and pay the $25 join up fee on the day.


Q6: How long is my Membership for?


All memberships are ongoing, however, if a Membership is cancelled within the first 12 months, there is a $299 cancellation fee that applies.


Q7: How do I cancel my Membership?


To cancel your Membership, simply request a cancellation via email. There will be a $299 cancellation fee if you cancel within the first 12 months.


Q8: What happens if I cancel my Membership after 12 months?  Will I get charged the cancellation fee?


Not at all.  If you decide to cancel your membership after the first 12 months, the final payment will be debited on the next scheduled payment date after your cancellation notice.


Q9: What happens if I don't have sufficient funds for that fortnight's payment?


If your payment is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, we will schedule your account to be re-drawn with the dishonoured amount on your next scheduled payment in addition to a dishonour fee of $5.50 which will be drawn together with any other due payments. Any transaction fees payable in respect of that payment will be added to this debit. Once the payment has been made, you are free to enjoy the benefits of your Membership once more. If the attempts to recover your payments are unsuccessful then the membership will go to the cancellation stage after 14 days. After 14 days, a $299 cancellation fee is also applied to the account.


Q10: Do I receive my discounted services and products after my $25 sign-up or after my first $98 payment comes out?


As soon as your first payment is received, you are then eligible to receive your membership benefits right away!


Q11: Do I receive a further discount on your promotions and packages?


Unfortunately not. Your discounts only applies to full priced products and services.

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